. (kiss_mybutt) wrote,


So hold on to me
(Caught up in the moment)
Because I don't want to lose you
(People think I'm crazy)
I don't want to become a memory.

They stand on the side of the street looking at each other, and she knows he has to go--she knows it's better if he does. So many times during this...reunion, she's had to stop herself from moving closer. Nothing has changed; everything's still there--the chemistry, the compatibility, the emotions, the floods of memories--just as they were before. Nothing's changed, but at the same time, they have.

She looks up at him, remembering how just a few months ago, this is exactly where she walked away and didn't look back, how a month later, she said goodbye for the last time, although they didn't know it then. She recalls how, through it all, he is everything she's ever wanted. It's the closest they've ever gotten to perfect. So why do this?

It's as life goes on that she remembers the other things. Nothing is ever perfect, but this is certainly the best it's ever been, and if there's better, she can't say that's really what she wants. They attest that obviously, they can live without each other, as they have been, but things could be so much better, if...


His arms are around her, and she hugs him back with her one free arm. She remembers past mistakes, toxic relationships, and how different this one is from everything else that's happened in her life. The cool night air, the cars rushing past, everything feels exactly the same. Everything still feels right.

This is the beginning and the end.

...Nothing. Nothing's changed in the slightest.
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