. (kiss_mybutt) wrote,

see it how you will

I've come to the realization that the most tortured (or depressed) souls are the most prolific when it comes to art. They're generally also the most talented. (Exceptions obviously apply.) I'm thinking of one person as I write this, not that he's really tortured or depressed. He is genuinely one of the most talented people I know. When he was around in Davis, he was the one I spilled my soul to the most (aside from Jordan). I miss him dearly; I have no idea where he's gone. He seemed so much better when I last saw him (the day of my recital). It meant so much to me that he came to it. I wonder how he's doing right now. I wonder how I can reach him. Within the music department, I'm apparently the one he confided in the most. I hope he's okay.

I used to write a lot more, and while it was by no means quality writing, at least I was writing. Now, most of my thoughts go into my paper journal, and I don't write cryptic and emo pieces here, for a number of reasons. (1) I can tell anything I want to the person I'm writing about, so I'd rather just say it than write it, and (2) I guess I am no longer a tortured and depressed soul (although I'm not sure that was really ever the case).
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